Travel Safety Movie

Over the last 4 years, Kate Fitzsimons has devoted herself to one mission – to bring more Aussie tourists home safely in honour of her sister Nicole. So far she’s personally delivered her ‘eye opening, inspiring and unforgettable’ travel safety presentation to over 40,000 Year 11 & 12 students around Australia. With demand for this valuable education continuing to grow, Kate has now adapted her presentation into a 45-minute Travel Safety movie and toolkit for teachers – thanks to funding from Jetstar and Smartraveller!

Watch the movie trailer below:

As ‘Safe Travel’ is on the NSW Crossroads Syllabus and a part of the well-being or pastoral care program supplied by schools, her film and resources will inspire your students to take greater care and responsibility when celebrating Schoolies and future overseas holidays.

Understanding it’s her ability to connect with students on a personal level that makes her messages resonate so deeply with them, Kate has left no stone unturned in ensuring the movie is just as impactful and inspiring as her presentation itself. You can read student testimonials about Kate’s presentation here.

Please read through the FAQ’s below for more information about this Travel Safety Toolkit and how you can order a copy for your school today.

Alternatively, you can download a booklet with all the information here.

Teachers will be equipped with valuable resources to educate their students about safe overseas travel in a meaningful and relatable way including:

  • Planning for safe travel overseas
  • Protective behaviours, particularly in foreign countries
  • Strategies to minimise harm to self and others, especially as an international tourist
  • Resilience – overcoming adversity
  • How to respond positively in changing/challenging situations
  • “Planning your overseas holiday” activity for students to complete in groups with clear instructions for teachers on how to run the session most effectively
  • Questions for class discussion over Nicole’s accident, resilience and consequences of decision making
  • Passport sized travel safety guides for every student so they can take all the tips with them on their next holiday
  • Email your school’s name, address and number of students in the year.
  • The movie & resource kit will be mailed to your school on a USB along with safety guides.
  • Cost: $150 – received as donation to Nicole’s Foundation. Once you have purchased the movie, you always have ownership of it (no ongoing fees)
  • The cost includes:
    • 45 minute Travel Safety Film
    • Safe Travel Tool Kit
    • Passport sized travel safety guides (up to 150 copies)
    • Additional guides can be ordered by emailing
  • To expand the reach of our travel safety campaign even further
  • More flexibility for you to provide this safe travel education to your students when and how suits you best (e.g. in smaller groups, on camps etc.)
  • More cost effective for your school
  • Yes – Kate will still delivering her Travel Safety Presentation throughout 2017
  • The fee is $385 which includes her presentation, travel costs and a passport travel safety guide for each student
  • To request a booking for Kate, please email with your preferred time and date.
  • There are more than double the number of under 25 year olds traveling overseas than ever before
  • An Australia tourist dies in Thailand every 3 days, and in Bali every 4 days
  • 3 in 4 travellers under 30 admit to engaging in risky behaviour while travelling abroad
  • Medical bills overseas can financially cripple a family – e.g. an air ambulance home from Bali can cost $100,000 and even 1 day in a US hospital can cost more than $10,000
  • 1 in 7 travellers under 30 did not take out insurance on their last trip overseas
  • Yet, while overseas, more than a third of young travellers experienced a loss that would be covered by most policies

Young Australians love traveling, and Kate hopes that they always will. But she also hopes that through her work more of them are taking off overseas properly prepared and aware of how to explore the world without compromising their safety. Her number one message is not to take risks in foreign countries you wouldn’t normally take here at home.

Please download the Smartraveller iPhone app before you head overseas for travel advice and to register your details with Department of Foreign Affairs.

Please download the Smartraveller iPhone app before you head overseas for travel advice and to register your details with Department of Foreign Affairs.