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22 May 2019

The Leader
If you wouldn’t risk riding without a helmet at home – don’t do it overseas

12 September 2019

International Traveller
How one woman is changing the way we think about travel safety

10 May 2018

The Leader
The Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation sponsors St George Dance Eisteddfod

8 March 2018

The Leader
Kate Fitzsimons honoured for educating young people on importance of overseas travel safety

31 October 2016

The Leader
Family and friends gather in memory of Nicole Fitzsimons

23 October 2016
Kate Fitzsimons shares horror of sister’s tragic motorbike accident

1 June 2016

Illawarra Mercury
Kate Fitzsimons shares her sister’s legacy with Illawarra students

27 May 2016

Katherine Times
Sister shares safety story

26 May 2016

Fitzpatrick Private Wealth
Heart-shaped hands of the Fitzsimons Family

7 May 2016

Daily Mail UK

9 December 2015

The Leader
Travel safety group Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation spreads wings

8 September 2015 – Kate Fitzsimons

Bay Post Moruya Examiner
Timely travel talk for St Peters students

4 September 2015

The Leader
$30,000 to Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation to educate students about safe travel

2 March 2014

Body + Soul
body+soul {Extra} ordinary women awards: Motivation

28 January 2014

The Leader
Australia Day Honours: Women top the list of inspiring citizens

26 January 2014

The Age
Rite of passage comes with a high risk for those seeking foreign adventures

11 November 2013 – Kate Fitzsimons

An Aussie tourist will die in this holiday location every three days

October 2013

My tragedy will help save lives

~ Article: as told by Mariam Digges

“I listened to my heart and let my angel redirect me”