Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation partners with Understand Insurance

We are honoured to announce we are now working in partnership with Understand Insurance to help educate more tourists about the importance of proper travel insurance. With endless insurance companies out there and so many policies on offer, booking the right insurance can be a daunting task, especially for the inexperienced traveller, making Understand Insurance such a helpful tool for tourists to be guided on how to book the best insurance for them. Together with Understand Insurance, we believe we can help save Australians from financial tragedy and be better prepared to deal with the unexpected, wherever they are in the world.

Please find below a candid and intimate blog post Kate wrote for Understand Insurance about why travel insurance was so invaluable for our family during our darkest hour. As you’ll read, it wasn’t just the financial assistance it provided but also the heartfelt guidance the company gave right throughout the nightmare which made all the difference:

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