Lyndell Harradine’s debut album “Everywhere”, written in tribute to Nicole, is now available to download online!!!

Please show your support for Lyndell, who is currently in the UK pursuing her dreams to become a singer, by jumping on this BandCamp link to listen to her beautiful songs & purchasing her whole album for only $10- with all proceeds going to the NicFitz Foundation! Please visit Band Camp to be mesmorised by Lyndell’s angelic voice & lose yourself in her amazingly heartfelt lyrics as she releases her extreme emotions at losing her close friend through song. She will also have you smiling through the tears with her wonderful track, ‘Kind of Girl I Want To Be’, which perfectly sums up pretty much what every single person who knew Nicole thinks of just how special she was!

Lyndell’s cover of “I’ll Go Wherever You Will Go” amazed everyone at Nicole’s Memorial and is enchanting to listen to again and again.