Dance classes Mission in Action Orphanage Kenya

Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation are very proud to share Nicole’s passion for dance with ballet and jazz classes at Mission in Action Orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya.  Dance classes were introduced as a school holiday program in 2016 with funds from NFF and taught by Amercian Devon Legare.  The children enjoyed the classes so much that it was decided to continue after school once a week.

The children were dancing barefoot and wearing tracksuits, school uniforms , pyjamas or whatever was comfortable.  Leotards, ballet skirts, jazz and ballet shoes are not available in Kenya.  At the Colourful Ball it was announced that DHL Australasia had generously donated to send four large  boxes of dance gear to Mission in Action  Orphanage!  The amazing dance community of Sydney and Illawarra immediately jumped aboard to collect dance shoes, headpieces, skirts, leotards, for the  children. Volunteers helped to pack as much as possible into the boxes.

DHL had the 40kgs of dance clothes delivered to Nakuru within a week of postage! Unfortunately, taxes had to be paid on the boxes from funds raised at the Colourful Ball.  Julie Fitzsimons was in Nakuru to pick up the boxes from DHL offices and deliver to very excited young dancers.

The joy and delight on the children’s faces – both boys and girls from 3 to 14 years was priceless as they tried on the outfits.  Nicole would love watching this!  They felt like ballerinas, princesses, models all at once.  Dancing in jazz and ballet shoes was very exciting and made them feel like real dancers.

That Saturday night there was a fashion parade of the new dance clothes and a concert. Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation look forward to supporting  dance classes at Mission in Action Orphanage.

A huge thank you to DHL and all the dance community who donated to make this possible and continue Nicole’s legacy.

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