Nicole Fitzsimons was an inspiring, talented dancer and devoted footy fan with an infectious love of life. Anyone who was lucky enough to spend time with her was a better person for that experience.

At twenty-four years young, Nicole was on the brink of achieving her dream as a sports journalist with channel 9, before her life was tragically taken in a motorbike accident whilst holidaying in Thailand, October 2012.

The Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation has been established in her honour to continue Nicole’s legacy of helping others to fulfil their life aspirations. Your kind donation will contribute directly to passionate and gifted performing artists and sportspeople who really need assistance in reaching their full potential.

Another integral part of The Foundation is raising awareness of travel safety overseas among young Australian tourists, with a focus on the dangers of riding motorbikes in foreign countries & the importance of purchasing travel insurance before embarking on any holiday. By raising awareness of these fatal risks through presentations at local schools and community clubs, the Fitzsimons Family hopes to save other innocent families from suffering the heart ache of losing a love one to this senseless tragedy.

The Nicole Fitzimons Foundation is a charity registered with ACNC – ABN 61 161 928 829

Nicole Fitzsimons

  1. To Nicole’s family,

    I have just watched A Current Affair and have been left shattered and upset by the tragic loss of Nicole. I hope that your endeavours to educate all Australians about the risks involved in travelling overseas can make a real and lasting impact and change attitudes. Good luck with the Foundation and I please know that I my thoughts and sincere condolences are with in your time of tragic loss.

    Susan McAlpine

  2. Herric


    To the Fitzsimons Family and Jamie Keith – please accept my deepest sympathies. I have just read the story on ninemsn.com.au in relation to the apparently corrupt actions following the accident of which Mr Keith was made a victim. Have there been any follow-up actions taken in relation to this matter?

    If there’s something I hate, it’s public office and political corruption. And Thailand is only one of many countries that are riddled with police corruption. Perhaps a nice dose of negative publicity about this, hitting the Thai government where it hurts – their very nice annual turnover from tourism – may force them to address this issue, so that others won’t have to suffer the salt-in-the-wounds indignity that Mr Keith was subjected to. Is this a subject that your Foundation is keen to raise public awareness in?

    In any case, I wish the Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation all its best in its most noble endeavours.

  3. Elle

    To the Fitzsimons Family and Nicole’s partner,

    First of all, sorry for your loss, my prayers and thoughts are with you all.

    I am devastated to hear and read of Nicole’s tragedy. I did not know her personally but knew of her through ED5 International.

    It frightens me to think this could happen to anyone.. So many young people travel to Thailand and this is not the first time I have heard of such tragedy due to negligence in this country. I knew of a girl who lost her husband on their honeymoon in a jeep accident in Phuket. It was absolutely heartbreaking to everyone, even people who did not know them personally.

    These tragic stories are so frightening. I am actually travelling to Thailand in February to attend a friend’s wedding in Koh Samui, I am so frightened something will happen to me that I do not want to leave the hotel. There is even a part of me that wants to cancel the trip all together.

    I believe this foundation is a fantastic way of getting these important messages out to the public regarding travelling and safety. I wish you all the best with it.

    May your beautiful Nicole rest in peace forever……..

    Kind regards, Elle

  4. Adam

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Fitzsimons family at this hearbreaking time.
    RIP Nicole, such a beautiful soul.

  5. Gemma

    Dear Fitzsimons family,
    i knew your beautiful daughter and i wish you heaps of pryers and love in your life.
    your daughter was an amazing dance teacher and i will miss and love her lots,
    i watch currant affair and this story was heartbreaking.
    Rest in peaace miss Nicole
    love Gemma
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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