Do you know of someone who is a naturally gifted performer, or a passionate rising star in the sporting field, yet is struggling financially to make their dreams come true? Is there a trip overseas for a competition that they simply cannot afford? Or a scholarship to a special school to advance their talents that is just out of their reach?

This is where The Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation would love to help.

The Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation is dedicated to offering financial assistance to performers & sports people who have passion and drive but not the means to achieve their dreams. We are looking for people, aged 16-25, who possess Nicole’s vivacious spirit & undying commitment towards making their dreams a reality.

We are particularly interested in helping those who have overcome hardship themselves or who are in circumstances that may be holding them back from their full potential.

Below is an outline of the passionate performers and sportspeople that The Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation has proudly assisted so far and why they are all deserving grant recipients.

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